The Trainer_Copter is the most basic version of all 7G.Copters and is optimally configured for flight instruction. The Trainer_Copter’s rear seat is equipped with throttle, brake, switches and stick, as well as a fully equipped cockpit, enabling the flight instructor to observe, control and manage every maneuver by the student, and if necessary to ultimately take control of the gyroplane. Not all gyroplanes offer this option, but of course, you would expect nothing less from The 7 Group, and naturally, you get it!

Although this is not a mission ready gyroplanecopter per se, we offer this basic version in an effort to  optimize the instruction process. We are convinced that it is better to have the students fly on a special training rotorcraft instead of having them use the original and superior equipped mission ready version of a gyroplane.

Our technicians have assembled the Trainer_Copter with a special emphasis on the challenges faced with an instruction rotorcraft:

  • special purpose gear, steering and a rotor system to cope with the increased landing frequency during instruction (500 landings within 40 hours, whereas in a normal flight service, one has some 30 landings in this same period),
  • easy and fault tolerant rotorcraft,
  • ease of accessibility to technical parts in order to facilitate training
    for pilots and technicians,
  • a flight instructor seat specially adapted to have the best view
    of the student and their actions,
  • all this with the same flight performance as the mission copters,
    giving the student the much needed feeling for the equipment,
    right from the beginning.

An important point to stress, this rotorcraft can be used for basic flight training with helicopter flight students!

The 7 Group is using it for this very purpose in Kurdistan, Iraq (Sulaymaniyah and Duhok), in the basic training of future police helicopter pilots, reducing the training cost for our customer dramatically. If this basic flight training were to be done on helicopters the hourly rate could range from $800 and $3000. Using the Trainer_Copter for helicopter training means that the hourly cost is only $50.

Flight simulators cannot give you the experience of a real flight, with the Trainer_Copter you can and you really have to handle the elements!

The Trainer_Copter is the best available rotorcraft both for gyroplane as well as helicopter training!


Standard Equipment

  • Additional Silencer for Noise Reduction < 64db
  • GPS
  • Heating System
  • Tool Kit
  • Transponder
  • 3 Years or 500 Flight Hours Guarantee of Manufacturer
  • Worldwide Delivery and Assembly

Optional Equipment

  • Trailer for Land Transport
  • Sand Tires
  • Cover Sheet for ground cover
  • ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Air Conditioned Flying Gear

Our Equipment Matrix shows you the standard and optional configurations of our Mission_Copters. Please please contact us
for any further questions.