Traffic on the roads is getting heavier every year and the monitoring, control and safety of our roads is now more important than ever.
The Police_Copter is the best option to get this challenging job done. Land based patrols are useless if a patrol car is caught in a traffic jam, ever heard of a traffic jam in the sky? The unique features of a gyroplane along with its moderate hourly cost, makes it the ideal candidate for this specific job. No wonder police forces in Germany, Spain, Iran and the USA all already have gyroplanes in operation!

Main advantage.

The main advantage of using the Police_Copter is that it cannot be seen by a driver on the road. Drivers who often violate traffic rules simply do not do it if they see a police presence. With their radar and laser detectors, jammers, CB radio and other technical devices theses road hogs have taken traffic violation one step further. Police forces always need to think one step ahead. How about increasing the deterrence through invisibility? With aerial patrol these drivers can never be sure whether they are being tracked, allowing you to improve roadside discipline and reduce accidents through the employment of the Police_Copter as the invisible deterrence!

With the Police_Copter, traffic police can also identify signs of fatigue, vehicles wandering out their lanes or across double white lines, tailgating, failure to indicate, or changing lanes safely, and any other issues that may be affects a driver’s performance. These drivers can be arrested after radio communication from the pilot to the officers on the ground.

Aerial enforcement of speeding.

Using the special equipment of the Police_Copter even aircraft speed enforcement (AES) can be performed. AES enforcement is reliable and neither detectors nor jammers can stop it, it is safer than using stationary techniques (such as sitting on the roadside with laser or radar), because it prevents a high-speed car chase. The pilot distinguishes between the cars by maintaining visual contact with the offending vehicle and instructs the ground officer to the offender by specifying the lane number and how many cars are ahead or behind.

These measures will have a dramatic psychological impact on all drivers and the road section that is monitored with the Police_Copter, and you will see a dramatic reduction of accidents and an increased compliance with traffic rules.

Search operations.

The Police_Copter has two day light cameras that have different zoom factors. They cater for both a zoomed and a wide angled view of the same location, this provides a better valued recording that can be used when gathering and obtaining evidence. With this facility you can search for runaway detainees, chase suspects or search for missing people.

With the Police_Copter, The 7 Group and our customers both push the limits within law enforcement!


Standard Equipment

  • Additional Silencer for Noise Reduction < 64db
  • GPS
  • Heating System
  • Air Conditioning
  • Glass cockpit / IFR Equipment
  • Low Vibration Rotors
  • Lighted Instruments with Terrain Warning
  • Attitute Indicator / Artificial Horizon
  • 2 Radio Systems (Flight Radio and Mission Radio)
  • 2 DLC Camera Systems with Recorder
  • Aerial Enforcement of Speeding
  • Transponder, Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
  • Cover Sheet for ground cover
  • Tool Kit
  • 3 Years or 500 Flight Hours Guarantee of Manufacturer
  • Worldwide Delivery and Assembly

Optional Equipment

  • Trailer for Land Transport
  • Sand Tires
  • Ski
  • Floats

Our Equipment Matrix shows you the standard and optional configurations of our Mission_Copters. Please please contact us
for any further questions.