Be it sand or snow as far as the eye can see any long border in a desert or in a mountainside is just impossible to protect and is a paradise for drug and human traffickers. Fences over thousands of kilometers are just not practical, wildlife and smugglers regularly damage them. Permanent maintenance is costly and wastes time for both border patrol and/or military personnel.  They have an impossible race against anything and anyone that wants to get in. The best solution is currently being used by border patrols in the USA and South Africa they are using gyroplanes for surveillance along their vast borders.

With the help of The 7 Group and the Military_Copter you can save your borders too.

The Military_Copter is the leading edge in the fight against drug and human traffickers and/or against any other trespasser along borders. The Military_Copter contains only premium equipment to ensure endurance, effectiveness and readiness for all operations, no matter how difficult the mission. Operational demands are much higher for military equipment than for any other assignment. The 7 Group attaches a great deal of importance to the assembly of this mission copter and applies only the very best available material and equipment to an already superior gyroplane, giving you, well the TBGE – The best gyroplane ever!

The best gyroplane ever.

The Military_Copter is by far the most deluxe and equipped gyroplane on the market, with its standard and optional equipment and the performance it provides no other gyroplane in the world can match it. This very special gyroplane combines the advantages of the cost intensive surveillance equipment and gives you unbelievable alternatives. The Military_Copter is not only much cheaper than helicopters, UAVs or drones but the Military_Copter is easy to operate, has low maintenance and operational costs and most importantly a real person flies it!

Aerial surveillance.

With aerial surveillance you have a better view of your border without having to manually check or fix border fences. With The 7 Group our customers can keep their focus, they can check their borders instead of just maintaining their fences! In the long run increased surveillance efficiency is by far cheaper than just maintaining fences and other passive border installations!

Intelligence gathering.

The Military_Copter can be utilized not only for border patrol, but also for other operations. Reconnaissance and intelligence gathering can be carried out since the engine noise is low, one can fly below any radar limit, and the Military_Copter is very small and therefore hard to spot. With its built-in camera system, images can be recorded instantly from a distance improving your security and intelligence gathering.

The Military_Copter is equipped by standard, with two cameras: A day light camera with a HFOV (horizontal field of view) of 1.7-57.8° with 36x optical zoom, as well as a 9 Hz FLIR infra red camera for night missions with a HFOV of 13° and a spectral range of 7.5-13.5 µm with an uncooled VOx microbolometer thermal imager. Both cameras are built in a gimbal to allow stabilization. With the FLIR IR camera one can detect a 1.80 m tall man from 780 m / 2560 ft, recognize him from a distance of 190 m / 623 ft and identify him within 97 m / 318 ft (the metrics for a 2.3 x 2.3 m / 7.55 x 7.55 ft object are 2150 m / 560 m / 280 m or 7053 ft / 1837 ft / 918 ft). The cameras are operated by a hand control unit and the pictures shot are recorded for further evidence and intelligence use. With this camera set nothing is missed. We can also supply 25 Hz IR cameras but in this case export restrictions imposed by the US or the EU apply and have to be cleared by the customer.

Special turbo

Higher altitudes, more technology on-board and higher speeds require a more powerful motor. We provide a Rotax 914 special turbo with 130 hp. This 13% more power allows a max. ceiling of 5000 m / 16400 ft and is well dimensioned to bear the additional weight of the special equipment.


Of course, assault by rifles and other small weapons might be a problem, especially if operating below radar limit, to cater for this the Military_Copter is protected by Kevlar® to protect its crew and its equipment. It is important to note that with an operational height of some 5000 m / 16000 ft and the standard camera system, this 7G-Copter can fly totally out of that danger and can still capture images of clarity and precision. Even at night with the FLIR camera system and the night vision goggles the total system is operational and no intruder has any chance to hide from its watchful eye.

The 7 Group, as always helping to protect borders by pushing limits!


Standard Equipment

  • Additional Silencer for Noise Reduction < 64db
  • GPS
  • Heating System
  • Air Conditioned Flying Gear
  • Glass cockpit / IFR Equipment
  • Low Vibration Rotors
  • Lighted Instruments with Terrain Warning
  • Attitute Indicator / Artificial Horizon
  • 2 Radio System (Flight Radio and Mission Radio)
  • Camera System with Recorder
  • Transponder, Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
  • Light Amor
  • Night Vision Goggles (NVG) suited to mission and rotorcraft type
  • Infrared (IR) Camera
  • ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Weight Reduction by Using Carbon fiber instead of glass fiber
  • Extremely Durable Materials from Lightweight Design used
  • Rotax 914 Spezial Turbo, 130 hp
  • Fast Mounting System Parachuter Drop-off
  • Camouflage Net
  • Survival Kit
  • Tool Kit
  • 3 Years or 500 Flight Hours Guarantee of Manufacturer
  • Worldwide Delivery and Assembly

Optional Equipment

  • Trailer for Land Transport
  • Sand Tires
  • Ski
  • Floats
  • Fast Mounting System Long Range Fuel Tanks
    for additional 1000 km or 7 hours
  • High Power Landing Lights for Night Missions

Our Equipment Matrix shows you the standard and optional configurations of our Mission_Copters. Please please contact us
for any further questions.