When patrolling ocean or sea coastlines, the Coast_Copter is the right choice. With its standard float set (which can be easily detached to leave normal wheels in use), this special gyroplane can start and land almost anywhere. As a closed gyroplane the Coast_Copter has solely been created for the needs of coast guards and coastal surveillance. The possibility to operate even in the worst conditions, conditions where no other flight craft can be operated securely gives the Coast_Copter its leading edge.

Wind resistance

With its wind resistance the Coast_Copter is the ideal tool to use when searching the coastline. It is an indispensible asset to use in the war against illegal drug and human trafficking as well as preventing illegal immigration. The Coast_Copter provides a great “eye on the sea” service and can act as any type of patrolling unit. The Shark Patrol off Australia’s New South Wales coast uses the Coast_Copter as their shark patrolling unit, helping them to maintain safer and securer beaches for their public.

Fulfilling duties economically.

The classic role of a coast guard can be performed with the use of the Coast_Copter in an economical manner allowing the coastguard to use a squad of Coast_Copters in the enforcement of maritime law, safety of vessels, aerial control of vessels and cargo, maintenance of seamarks and border control. Economically this can help the customer to either:

  • reduce all costs dramatically, since a gyroplane is less expensive in procurement and in operation or,
  • increase the coast guard presence at the same cost used prior to installation of the Coast_Copter squad, and so increasing security and reducing crime, drug smuggling and human trafficking.

Camera system.

The 2 cameras are a great asset to utilize in gaining useful evidence during law enforcement operations (such as against drug and human traffickers). The two cameras are a day light camera, and an infra red camera. The day light camera comes with a HFOV (horizontal field of view) of 1.7-57.8° and a 36x optical zoom, and the  9 Hz FLIR infra red camera used in night operations comes with a HFOV of 13° and a spectral range of 7.5-13.5 µm with an uncooled VOx microbolometer thermal imager. Both cameras are built in a gimbal to allow stabilization. With the FLIR IR camera one can detect a 1.80 m tall man from 780 m / 2560 ft, recognize him from a distance of 190 m / 623 ft and identify him within 97 m / 318 ft (the metrics for a 2.3 x 2.3 m / 7.55 x 7.55 ft object are 2150 m / 560 m / 280 m or 7053 ft / 1837 ft / 918 ft). The cameras are operated by a hand control unit and the pictures shot are recorded for further evidence and intelligence use. With this camera set nothing can be missed be it day or night and you will always gather clear evidence.

The Coast_Copter is the convertible of the air – you can use it as an open or as a closed copter as well as with or without floats.

The 7 Group always provides the best and you guessed it, The 7 Group is always pushing the limits!


Standard Equipment

  • Additional Silencer for Noise Reduction < 64db
  • GPS
  • Heating System
  • Air Conditioning
  • Glass cockpit / IFR Equipment
  • Low Vibration Rotors
  • Lighted Instruments with Terrain Warning
  • Attitute Indicator / Artificial Horizon
  • 2 Radio System (Flight Radio and Mission Radio)
  • 1 DLC & 1 IR Camera System with Recorder
  • Transponder, Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
  • ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Extremely Durable Materials from Lightweight Design used
  • Survival Kit
  • Tool Kit
  • 3 Years or 500 Flight Hours Guarantee of Manufacturer
  • Worldwide Delivery and Assembly

Optional Equipment

  • Trailer for Land Transport
  • Sand Tires
  • Ski
  • Floats
  • Fast Mounting System Long Range Fuel Tanks for
    additional 1000 km or 7 hours
  • High Power Landing Lights for Night Missions
  • Night Vision Goggles (NVG) suited to mission and rotorcraft type
  • Cover Sheet for ground cover

Our Equipment Matrix shows you the standard and optional configurations of our Mission_Copters. Please please contact us
for any further questions.