Case Studies

Wondering where gyroplanes have been used?
Well, you will be surprised. Have a peek below.

Kurdistan, Iraq.

We have equipped the Erbil Air Patrol with gyroplanes for air surveillance at Erbil International Airport. The 7 Group was the sole supplier and provider of material, equipment, training the ground and flying crew and establishing the entire infrastructure to allow it to operate independently.

Currently we train the first Kurdish Security and Traffic Police helicopter pilots on our Eurocopter EC120 copters. Please find out more about this reference-project on Facebook, → (http://facebook NULL.Aviation)

Border patrol for the USA and South Africa.

Gyroplanes help these countries with their border patrol, in the USA at the border to Mexico and in South Africa at its borders to Mozambique and Zimbabwe. On long borders it is just not cost efficient to build and maintain border fencing since it is always open to vandalism by both man and wildlife. In most cases the military simply does not have the manpower to police these borders. Gyroplanes are a highly welcomed and effective means of maintaining border surveillance and security, helping with the war on drug and human trafficking.


The jungle is a paradise not only for animals, but unfortunately also for “drug farmers”, planting highly profitable crops. With gyroplanes the Colombian government is taking a stand and surveys the area to help reduce the flood of illegal drugs and to combat crime.

Policing in Germany, Spain, USA, UK and Iran.

In all these countries the police use gyroplanes for traffic surveillance, searches and chases. In Kurdistan (Iraq), gyroplanes are used as the basic training method for police helicopter instruction (the hourly cost for a helicopter ranges from $800 and $3,000 and for a gyroplane it is only between $50 and $80).

Commercial companies.

Many commercial companies use gyroplanes. Some German electric power suppliers use gyroplanes for inspecting their high voltage power lines to safeguard the European power grid and to ensure a durable and reliable supply of electricity to their customers.

Along Australia’s New South Wales coastline, gyroplanes are used in shark surveillance and monitoring patrols, minimizing the risk of public contact with sharks and allowing swimmers and surfers safe and care-free time along its beaches.

In South Africa, diamond mine operators call on the use of gyroplanes in surveillance to help with their battle against smugglers and thieves.

In Namibia, Game Parks count on gyroplanes in their fight against poachers. After delivery and training (by The 7 Group), three poachers were caught within the first few days of launching our surveillance operation.

Our Mission_Copters are perfectly suited packages for a number of typical application scenarios of Gyroplanes.