In addition to the gyroplanes with special equipement and the highly efficient training we offer consulting services for our customers to get the most revenue out of their investment. The main consulting fields are:

Consulting / assistance

  • construction of suitable take-off and landing areas
  • construction of Airport infrastructure (hangars), for 7G.Copters
  • training of specialized ground crew (dependant on the mission)
  • construction of a radio command and a mission control centre
  • insurance for the new 7G.Copter

Document creation

(if desired in your local language)
  • creation of training guidelines
  • creation of educational material for pilots and technicians
  • creation of exam material for pilots and technicians
  • creation of daily mission plans
  • creation of service documents


  • an annual pilots exam
  • an annual flight instructors exam
  • annual rotorcraft checks

We provide all this with a 24 / 7 / 365 Global Support Service.

An unparalleled package provided by The 7 Group, giving you peace of mind – and we do all the work! The 7 Group – Pushing limits: We start where others have already stopped.