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The 7 Group – Pushing limits:
We start where others have already stopped!

The 7 Group is the market leader when it comes to gyroplane distribution, set-up and training. We are unparalleled in our knowledge and experience in different fields, markets and gyroplanes. The 7 Group have a reliable and proven track record, there is simply no one out else there that can match us.

Andreas Siebenhofer: A technical genius,
aviation pioneer, holder of world records
and a man with experience

Andreas Siebenhofer, The 7 GroupAndreas Siebenhofer is the sole shareholder and general manager of IWS FZE – of which The 7 Group is a division. Andreas lives and breathes flying. He has held two aviation world records, so his love of flying and gyroplanes literally pump through his heart! Together with his team of technical superstars, Andreas has always developed and built aircrafts. He is unrivalled in his expertise of gyroplanes, and as of July 2011 he has well over 4000 flight hours on gyroplanes, so he really does understand what he is talking about!

A renowned specialist in regulation and training, Andreas has trained Red Bull pilots, drafted and established training guidelines for several countries and has been an advisor to several aviation authorities concerning gyroplanes.

He is known as a highly reputable aviation development partner. Andreas acts as a consultant and mentor during new aircraft development, here he also solely takes the aircrafts on their maiden flights and provides feedback, vital information that is relied on for further development of that aircraft. Through his vast experience, know-how and technical expertise, Andreas is able to adapt any aircraft to anything that is thinkable!

Our Chairman of the Advisory Board, the
Honorable Senator KR Karl F. Schopf acts also as
Senior Strategic and Security Advisor of The 7 Group.

His excellence and knowledge of the international security industry is unmatched by others. With more than 26 years of experience in the international security and surveillance sector and in cross-border law enforcement he is one of the men you would love to have on your side when it’s getting serious.

With his vast experience as pilot Senator Schopf is one of the few people who is able to match theoretical concepts, practical requirements and restraints as well as international air traffic regulations to build a tailor-made airborne security concept for all possible clients and needs. His experience offers provides for coverage of all phases of the establishment and implementation of security concepts and therefore reduces costs and risks.

With this he is well positioned within The 7 Group and assists in the establishment of strategic security concepts, mission plans as well as solutions for international security issues.

Senator KR Karl F. Schopf is globally renowned for his competence, efficiency and trustworthiness and was awarded many times. When it comes to aviation, Senator Schopf acts as interface between The 7 Group and ISCC (International Security Competence Centre), a highly reputable and discreet security company headquartered in Vienna, which is responsible for ground facilities and equipment.

Showing results

In contrast to so many people in the industry, Andreas Siebenhofer just shows results instead of boasting about them. In the past Andreas established the largest and most profitable flight academy for gyroplanes in Europe, he was the largest gyroplane dealer in Europe and after relocating to the Middle East, he quickly secured several contracts with governmental bodies and has now become the number one in the region, again.

Nothing is impossible

The 7 Group has adopted Andreas’s personal credo too: Nothing is impossible. The 7 Group lives and breathes this and more importantly, we always prove it. Whatever is needed to bring you safely into the air, will be done, at a level you that you can only expect from The 7 Group, the superior world market leader of gyroplane aviation, equipment and training.

No matter where you are based, we will bring you new gyroplanes and train your pilots’ on site in their known environment. There is no need to send them abroad for training. We educate your staff to a premium standard and enable them to maintain their equipment totally independently. Ensuring that in the future there is no need for foreign technicians, or waiting time for services, so you can look forward to no down time of your rotorcrafts. The 7 Group ensures that all their customers and their staff remain independent and flexible which always helps you to save money and time over the years!

An all in one package

With our vast know-how, The 7 Group has put together the most superior equipment for different operations and tasks. Our customers just have to state the assignment the rest is done by The 7 Group. No need for you to sit and evaluate, choose or sort through long lists of available configurations, or even to worry and look for trainers for your staff.

We provide an all in one service where we do all the work for you, so you can just sit back and watch!

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