The 7G.Copters:
The future is now, the future is here.

The third dimension, the sky, is by far the best space to utilize when maintaining public safety and security. Imagine any of the following services without the aid of aerial support:

  • military and paramilitary operations,
  • intelligence gathering,
  • border surveillance and patrols,
  • airfield bird control,
  • aerial video surveillance,
  • disaster control (such as floods and earthquakes),
  • crowd control & policing,
  • oil and gas pipeline inspections,
  • high voltage power line inspections,
  • aerial surveys,
  • highway patrols,
  • forest patrols,
  • national park and game patrols.

These aerial assignments are usually carried out using helicopters. Helicopters incur a high budget demand. In today’s world you cannot compromise on any of these services and yet you are bound by tough budget constraints, so you often end up making some tough calls.

Just for a second imagine slashing that budget to pieces, yes imagine a possibility where only 10% of the budget you use for employing helicopters is used, and you are still able to carry out at least 90% of these services, without compromising any of your operations. Yes, you read that correctly, only using 10% of your budget. That is 90% of your budget can now be used elsewhere. You want to offer these services at the lowest possible price without compromise, right? So stay right here and continue reading.

We are an unrivalled, unequalled and an unmatched service, we offer the ultimate package.

With the 7G.Copters you can offer all your services with equipment that is absolutely superior and unmatched by anyone else. There is no other company out there that offers

  • such a colossal bundle of equipment,
  • while providing superior training and services.

Your staff will be able to handle the equipment in the future because we train them. No need to worry about assembly as we do it for you. The 7 Group is the sole worldwide assembler for most of the equipment. Nobody else can offer operation ready and operation worthy rotorcrafts.

Say hello to the future, to a new era of aerial services fitted to your every whim and need, and say goodbye to hassle, uncertainty and financial constraints.

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